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The Karma Chickens are all about silly, tasty, soothing entertainment. At Burning Man we serve two gourmet meals a day, body paint, juggle, give out sun block massages, and much much more. We have a very divers group of amazing people that know how to have fun. We are really into the community aspect of Burning Man and life in general. The Karma Chickens are extremely ?First Burn? friendly. In other words, people that have never got to Burning Man will have their best possible experience at Burning Man. Our camp is prepared, organized and peaceful. RSS Feed what is XML?

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EIfel tower art (BM 2008)  photo flag
KC Dome at dusk (BM 2008)  photo flag
BM 2008  photo flag
Amber and Dean (BM 2008)  photo flag
Center Camp (BM 2008)  photo flag
Jason and Devorah (BM 2008)  photo flag
Affinity at the Temple (BM 2008)  photo flag
Manning the grill! (BM 2008)  photo flag
Makin' music (BM 2008)  photo flag
relaxing in the dome (BM 2008)  photo flag

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